Netball France

Netball France is an association of all the French Netball Clubs Association, with the aim of evolving as quick as possible into an official France Federation of Netball.

Having a French Federation is key to establishing a future French National Netball Team. This is especially important as Netball is in the shortlist to be included in the Olympic Games, and they’d like to make it in for the Paris 2024 Games. It will entitle them to government funding to go towards the development and promotion of Netball at grass roots level all the way up to National level in France. Budgets will be allocated for the training of coaches as well.

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There is a Board of Directors and Committee devoted to making this happen. Netball Côte Basque is proud to support this movement, and has a dedicated team member on that committtee (Helen LIAVA’A).

Helen represents Netball Côte Basque at the committee meetings. Her role requires supporting and helping the Board with their mission, and feeds back to the club any updates.



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