The club

Our story​

The club history begins in October 2018 when a group of 17 friends decided to meet to play a game of Netball. This was the first training of the “club”.

At that time, this group of friends did wan’t a club but called themselves “the Netball Ninjas”.

This sport being so little known in France, the girls had to import the balls and bibs directly from England. The Ninjas set up a committee which will officially become the club thereafter. It was a pleasure and an honor to become the first Netball club in the Basque Country.

The First Netball Ninjas
First training at the Haitz Pean gymnasium in Anglet

Quickly events were organized to publicize the activity of the club and the first mixed Christmas tournament open to all was organized.
It was thanks to the efforts of Ninjas that the club began to grow, becoming a big family for all its members. The club becoming a bubble of comfort for all people far from their native land who have just arrived in the Basque Country.

Premier First Mixed Christmas Tournamentmixte de Noêl

Participation in the Toulouse tournament in April 2019 was the driving force behind several changes:

– the new name of the club “Biarritz Netball”,

– a new outfit.

First participation and first victory accompanied by some articles in no less than 2 local newspapers (you can find these articles in News)

We are winner!!
2 teams that took part in the tournament

The summer of 2020 marks another milestone in the life of the club.
New recruits and new training places pushed us to develop our identity, which is how the “Netball Côte Basque” association was founded.
This creation was accompanied by a new graphic charter with a logo that adopted the Basque cross and a new jersey (explanation in “Our colors” below).

New logo
New Jersey

But the training sessions, up to twice a week, as well as the other events organized by the club have unfortunately had to be postponed due to the pandemic. Open houses and friendly tournaments open to the public could not take place this year


It is in the hope of a rapid improvement in the health situation that the club has entered into discussions with the town hall concerning the development of permanent Netball fields. The town hall of Anglet has undertaken to create a first outdoor court as a first step.
Today this ground is operational and the club hopes to be able to organize its inauguration quickly.

First official court
Center circle !

All people who want to join the club, whether they are new to this sport or who have not played for a long time are welcome. Our members are there to support and encourage them with a team spirit and sportsmanship while being patient with new members.

Our Goals

  • Get known and make Netball known!
  • Encourage women of all ages on the Basque Coast to learn about this popular team sport with strong female roots.
  • Promote Netball “for all” by organizing mixed tournaments and initiate the creation of a men’s team and junior teams.
  • Organize the first Netball tournament in the Basque Country, linking other French and international clubs, and make it an annual event.
  • Continue to develop our relationships with other netball clubs, by participating in friendly matches and tournaments organized in France.
  • To diversify by heading to tournaments that take place abroad, for example the Barcelona summer camp, mixed Amsterdam, Berlin and Sweden.
  • Organize regular “open houses”, fundraising activities with “discover netball” workshops, be seen in association forums and local events.
  • Become a club, known and recognized at the French and International level.

Our values

Our values are respect, mutual aid, sports and social commitment.

Netball Côte Basque is committed to being an inclusive club, where our members treat each other with respect and courtesy. While one of the main goals is to promote fitness, the sport of Netball and competition, we also strive to create a healthy social environment where all members are welcome to participate.
Our members are there to support and encourage their colleagues, to welcome and be patient with new members and all those who want to join the club, who may be discovering the sport or who have not played for a long time, and embrace team spirit and sportsmanship.

Our Colors

“Finding a netball dress for our Basque Country team was not an easy challenge so we decided to create our own. Together with Clare Cazottes we found a great production house in the UK and chose a selection of flattering sport shapes from which the team voted their favorite style.

The next step was the design and color of the pattern, inspired by the Atlantic ocean, wave patterns and surf culture, I created a unique ocean print and colored it with an aqua palette, turquoise, blue, white and navy blue: the spectrum of a wave. Now our team has a unique uniform, so we can ‘be like water’ on the court!”

Designer Alexie Sommer

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